Advice on Cryostats

From:Scott Taft <>

Over the years, I've tried most of the cryostats on
the market and I have liked them all. When it comes
down to the purchase, my priority wasn't the equipment
in itself, it was the service contract.

In Chicago, we had 2 cryostats from a reputable
company but whenever one or both went down, it was
like pulling teeth from a shark to get service.
Sometimes it would take a week to get these guys out.
We all know you can't afford down time on cryostats. I
would rather have a middle of the line cryostat (as
long as it cuts nicely) and have fantastic field
service than one with all the bells and whistles
without the timely service.

Scott Taft HT(ASCP)
Tucson, AZ

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