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Date:Sat, 7 Aug 1999 11:28:52 EDT
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Hello Wanda and Baker, I am a former Histologist and researcher in charge of 
the Tissue Acquisition program for the Dept. of Urology at University of 
Washington, with association with the Seattle VAMC. Wanda, your protocol is 
very diagnostic and gives both Pathologist and Urologist ample views of the 
tissue, without having to go through six separate slides. As long as the 
embedder is able to get the sections on same plane, your method is great!!!  
Also if levels come from same ribbon, you can take your extra unstained 
slides for any further studies. Baker, if you are not able to incorporate 
Wanda's procedure, then I would take your unstained slides off the same 
ribbons from each level. You should only need a couple of sections on each 
unstained slide. The other thing is, if the Urologist will indicate to your 
pathologist as to suspicious areas on ultrasound, and you still need to keep 
the cores separated, then you can take your extra slides from those cores 
that are suspicious.
I hope this will help.
Marianne Brown

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