Re: Paraffin Oil Red O staining

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From:HistoScientific <>
To:Katri Tuomala <>
Date:Sat, 07 Aug 1999 11:50:14 -0400
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Thanks for all the suggestions with the ORO on paraffin sections.  We are
going to do the stain just to see how well it works.

-Beth Poole
Histo-Scientific Research Labs.

Katri Tuomala wrote:

> Hi Linda,
> When doing Oil Red O on frozen sections, usually the goal is to
> demonstrate simple lipids (not bound to any other substance), which will
> all dissolve in paraffin processing. But as Bryan stated, compound
> lipids like lipofuscins can still be demonstrated by various methods,
> one being Oil Red O, since the lipid part was protected from processing
> by the fact it was bound to another more stable substance (protein).
> If you want to go to town with lipids, look into John Kiernans book
> "Histological & Histochemical Methods:...".
> Katri
> Katri Tuomala
> Anatomic Pathology
> St.Joseph's Hospital
> Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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