Re: NSH certificate of attendance & chief post vacancy

From:Lee & Peggy Wenk

NSH offers CE (continuing Education )credits for all their workshops.
Those attendees who are also NSH members receive their list of CE from NSH in February of the following year.
Those attendees who are not NSH members, do not receive their list of CE, unless they request it from NSH.
NSH does not provide "immediate" documentation that you actually were in each workshop. So there is nothing you can take back to your work, to immediately document that you were in each workshop. The CE document the following February is the only "proof" you would receive.
If you need something more immediate, I would suggest you contact NSH, and see if they have any suggestions. 301-262-6221. But remember, there will be 1000+ attendees, so I don't see how NSH can provide "immediate" confirmation of attendance in each workshop to any or some or all of the attendees.
Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073
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From: carmelita honculada
Sent: Monday, August 05, 2002 12:16 PM
Subject: NSH certificate of attendance & chief post vacancy

Dear Histo friends,

I am planning to attend the NSH symposium for the first time and I just want to know if NSH issue certificate of attendance.  I would need to submit it to the hospital for me to be able to get paid leave. 

Our Histo Lab here in Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital is seeking interested Histotechnologist for a chief Med. Lab. Scientific Officer post.  Anybody interested you can email me and I can forward your resume to our Department Head.

Carmelita (Melette) Honculada

Senior MLSO - Immunohistochemistry

Riyadh Armed forces Hospital

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


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