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Hi Betsy,
When we do mouse aortas we dissect, bisect, and pin out on dental wax 
before we do the ORO.  The problem with ORO is that it "moves" around 
if it is touched, squeezed, or pressed upon.  It is better to have 
them pinned out before staining.  Then the staining is done in the 
normal way, for example, by the Armed Forces Institute's protocol on 
the "whole mounted" tissue.
We also normally do a Sudan IV instead of ORO.  It is much more 
stable and precise.
Take care,
Jo Dee Fish

>Does anyone have an ORO staining protocol on non embedded mouse 
>aorta? In the procedure the mice hearts are perfused with a desired 
>fixative for a determined amount of time. Then the aorta is 
>dissected out and stained with ORO while the aorta is intact. After 
>staining, the aorta is then bisected and photographed. No processing 
>or embedding is used. I have found several abstracts but most are 
>vague about the staining procedure. Has anyone had an experience 
>with this technique?
>   I believe I told a histonetter that I would forward a Movats 
>protocol to them but I lost the email... If this is still needed, 
>please contact me and I will send it.
>Betsy Molinari  HT  ASCP
>Texas Heart Institute
>, TX 77373
>832-355-6812 (fax)

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