RE: Tissue processing - small biopsies

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We also have no problems with an artifact from the foam sponges.   If the
tissues are fixed well before they are placed between the sponges, it's not
a problem.   If our tissue are fresh we use the histoscreen cassettes.  

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> Let's get this straight David. You get no problems with foam artefact you
> say. 
> Do the pathologists? (You have not denied getting it, just having problems
> with it).
> Terry L Marshall
> Histopathologist
> Rotherham General Hospital, Yorkshire
> I'm with Amos, agar/ gel is a pain. We use black foam biopsy pads and
> train staff to embed properly. We have no problems with so called
> crushing or foam artifact. David.
> David Taylor
> Laboratory Manager
> Drs

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