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Thank you to all those who have responded to my questions.   I am sending a
copy of an email I sent to Colleen Forster to see if anyone else may have an
idea as well.   Thanks again.  Roy
Dear Colleen,
  Thank you for your reply.   I am trying to figure out how to set up the
lab so that only water goes down the drain.  I wonder if you have any ideas
since you are on a septic system.   The hard part of the problem is what to
do during staining.   With auto stainers you have the water wash which sends
the water (and all the things that wash off the slides such as alcohol and
hematoxilin, and bluing and clarifier etc. down the drain with the water.
Also, even when doing special stains by hand,  what do you do with the
contaminated water in the various washes?  Any help would be much
appreciated.   The county is giving us a hard time about being able to set
our lab up.

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