dumping in a septic

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From:Colleen Forster <cforster@tc.umn.edu>
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This is in response to the question about dumping down a septic drain.
Anyone with a septic wants to be very careful. As the owner of a septic
company our rule to customers is NO chemicals down the system. A septic
system works by natural bacteria breaking down the solids. Most
with affect if not kill bacteria. After a time you will most certainly
start having
septic problems! New systems are very expensive.

You need to check in your area for specfic guidelines on chemical
disposal. it
is different everywhere but not knowing the rules could be costly if you
violating something and were checked on. Ignorance would not help you
It is the owners responsibility to find out the regulations. Fines can
be costly
as well.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

-- Colleen Forster
U of MN, Dept. of Neurology

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