Re: processor artifacts in tissue

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From:Connie McManus <>
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Have you experimented with your hematoxylin? I went through a big process ealier
this summer trying to get to the root of a ghost nuclei  problem and the solution
in my lab was to prepare my own hematoxylin rather than purchase the prepared
solutions.  This is admittedly a pain in the butt, but the slides are looking
great and that's all I care about.

Connie McManus wrote:

> My Histology Lab is currently using a Leica tissue processor and have
> encountered some severe processing problems.  The stained slides have nuclear
> "ghosting" and   a washed out appearance. The problem appears to be reagent
> carry over as it usually starts occurring about 2 to 3 runs after all of the
> reagents are changed. We have had the machine serviced and checked numerous
> time without solving the problem.
> Has anyone else encountered this problem with their Leica? I would like to
> hear from anyone with suggestions or comments.
> C Jones
> Emory Cartersville Medical Center

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