Re: sakura tissue TEK coverslipper

What do you mean cornflaking?  Bubbles?  If it is bubbles, just increase your 
xylene flow.  That fixed it for us.  We would also have problems with the 
slides jamming in the chute.  I found that if I used a cotton tip applicator 
soaked in 100% acetone, I would use this to clean the slide tracking and the 
metal side rails at the top of the slant where the slide would begin it's 
exit downward.  This area acquires a large amount of adhesive buildup.  You 
will also notice that after a period of time with this particular 
coverslipper, usually about 6 months, if you use the edge of your fingernail 
to pry the edge of the cover-tape, it will just pop right off.  This is not a 
good thing.  This has been my experience with this instrument.  I hope that I 
may have helped you in some way.    

Jeanie Wade, H. T. (ASCP)

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