RE: Tetracycline fluorescence imaging

From:Dan Beniker

Thanks, John, 

I'll check that one out. I'm trying to get a good visualization of both
Calcein and tetracycline. If I could do that on the same filter, that would
be ideal, but I don't think that's going to happen. I'm more than willing to
double expose or do some other manipulation to be able to get the composite
image. Right now, it's looking like the calcein fluorescence is going to
overwhelm the tetracycline but I'm hoping to be able to correct for that
with judicious filter selection.

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> Dan,
> Kind of depends upon what you want. I wanted a cube that would just show
> the
> tetracycline so I had Chroma make on special for me. The called it the
> Tetra
> Special and it has the number C13841 on it. You might try checking with
> them.
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> Subject: Tetracycline fluorescence imaging
> Hello all,
> We are conducting some bone growth studies and are trying to visualize
> bone
> double labelled with tetracycline and calcein. We're using a Nikon E400
> microscope and currently are using a Nikon B-2A filter cube which excites
> from 450-490 nm. This seems to be fine for calcein fluorescence, but we
> aren't able to see the tetracycline label at all. The Nikon dealer
> recommends a BV-2A filter for tetracycline fluorescence while the Nikon
> web
> site recommends other filter cubes. Does anyone out there have experience
> with this scope/filter/label combo? If so, would you be able to shed some
> light?
> Thanks,
> Dan Beniker
> LifeCell Corp

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