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From:Kari Bradshaw

O.k. accidents will happen, we are all human. Rather than make up additional
things to do to reagents,ie; color coding, always "Read the label" every
single time. We do NOT work in an industry where if you overlook something
as important as using correct reagents that there is not a huge price to
pay.  We are talking about peoples lives here.  A mistake as big as this one
and the ramifications involved... it cannot be emphasized enough how
important it is to READ the LABEL.

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Hi there,
One of the labs. where I work part-time has a good system ,containers are
coded with a large area of bright paint e.g. alc./red;xylol/blue. Seems to

"DeLovino, Salvacion S." wrote:

>         Hello Histonetters,
>         We had a problem with our tissue processing last week and until
> they are still arguing about what should and shouldn't have been done.
> happened was, our MLA used methyl alcohol instead of xylene when she
> the solutions. So it was methyl alcohol instead of xylene right before
> paraffin. It was her fault for not reading the label but couldn't really
> blame her as the containers look alike. Anyways, we didn't know at first
> that that was what happened but we noticed the tissues were hard and
> on the edges but soft in the middle. Was there something we could have
> to save the tissues? Please help us settle the arguments!
>         Thanks a lot in advance.
>         Salvacion S. Delovino

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