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Dear Mr McNemar,

As Benelux (Belgium / Netherlands and Luxemburg) distributor for AutoCyte we
addressed your question to one of the many users from this system. This is
his reaction to us:

""Since january 2000 we are proceding the gynaelogical samples with the
AutoCyte system. Untill now we have procedeed about 12.000 samples. We make
only full runs of 48 samples. The working load has strongly decreased. I
think it is possibly to save about one Cytotechnician / 8000 samples. Each
run of 48 samples cost less then two hours labwork but saves about 8 hours
screeningtime. The great advantage is to make one run of 48 samples in one
time (AutoCyte system) instead of 48 single handlings each time (Cytyc
system). Our Cytotechnicians are very happy with the system. Beautiful
slides and less stress makes the "jobjoy'' grow. The rest material of the
AutoCyte sample can be used for HPV oncogenic types screening. We use the
HybridCapture II system of Abbott. The results are OK. We have about 50%
positivity in the ASCUS group, about 80% positivity in the LSIL en about 95%
positivity in the HSIL group. ""

Yours sincerely,

Rycolt Hamoen,
St. Pathan, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Best regards,

KLINIPATH bv Netherlands
Ronald Kusters
sales executive

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> Hello folks.
> Does anyone have any experience with the AutoCyte prep system?  Any
> drawbacks?  Problems?  Looks to be pretty high maintenance. Did anyone
> switch to this from the Cytyc?  I'd appreciate any and all comments you
> have.  We currently use the Cytyc instrument and are pleased.  The only
> reason we are thinking (actually one of our pathologists) is for the
> additional testing that can be done with this instrument.  Is anyone doing
> HPV, etc with this instrument?
> Thanks.
> Tom Mc Nemar
> Pathology Supervisor
> Licking Memorial Hospital
> Newark, Ohio
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