Re: cornflaking artifact

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Dear Deb King and Marjorie Hagerty,

In reaction to your problem I can tell you that we are manufacturing our own
tape, known as KP Tape and available thruog Mercedes Medical in Sarasota
Florida It is also available through Fisher
Scientific, Check their new General Catalog (healthcare section Histology).

As Mrs. Bonnie McMahill tried our KP Tape and switched over she didn't have
the problem anymore.

We hope to see you as one of our new users in US. You can ask for a sample
to try it yourselve.

Yours sincerely.

KLINIPATH bv Netherlands
Ronald Kusters
sales executive

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Subject: cornflaking artifact

> Greetings to all,
>     Would anyone know what "cornflaking" artifact is caused by?  We have a
> Sakura coverslipping machine, and for the past 6 months have found
> coverslipping and recoverslipping slides that occasionally develop dried
> spots on the tissue that look like "cornflakes" under the microscope.
> of our bone marrows get a white opaque spot that generally is remedied by
> recoverslipping.  (Although there have been a few cases when
> twice is necessary!)  This is a real drag for busy a.m. time schedules.
> thoughts are appreciated.  Thanks.
> Deb King
> Central Histology Facility
> Sacramento, CA

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