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From:Kimberly Carter <>
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    I am currently using the Microm HM355. I have used this microtome
for a
little more than a year. The job I had before this, I shared the same
model with
another tech, rotating every other day. We did this for about a year. We
loved it. I suggested,and recieved, one in my new position. In my
position in research, I don't run across as much diversity in specimens
as I did
in the clinical lab. In the clinical lab I routinely used it to cut
from kidney bx from transplant cases that required 18 slides @ 1 um
thick to
bone and whole mount blocks. I have always thought the Microm was so
easy to use and I always have superior slides. We also looked at
Shandon later while looking to replace other manual microtomes. I
didn't care for it, but that could be because I was used to the Microm.
The lab
did decide to buy more Microms. We also bought the model that was semi
and instead of a rotary wheel, you have handles that slide back and
forth. (I think it is Ergostar) I didn't like it. I felt uncomfortable
it and always thought that you are giving up one repetitive motion for
The tech who used it did feel some immediate relief, but we were
skeptical about
the future with that instrument. Also, in the first year it had to be
sent back
to the manufacture 2 or 3 times. We eventually traded it back to the
for another Microm. I hope I have helped. Please feel free to contact me
any specific questions.

  Kim Carter
  Comprehensive Cancer Center
  Ohio State University wrote:

> Dear Histonet friends
> Can someone recommend an automatic microtome I should check out to purchase.
> Also please tell me why you like your's and if you tried a different one why
> you disliked that one. Thank You !!!!!!!!!
> Sandi Miller
> MRICD research
> Md
> (

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