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Whenvever we have an accident in the lab, the hospital always sends a
person from safety to come and observe. We have had a cuts on the
microtome and the cryostat. Over the phone safety makes suggestions but
once they come and observe there is little they can offer. Just an
occupational hazard I guess.

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> Subject: 	microtome knife safety
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> We had 2 incidents of employees knicking their finger on a microtome
> knife in the past year.  No stitches, just superficial cuts.  One was
> experienced and the other a newer employee.  Our safety committee
> wants
> us to investigate use of special gloves to prevent this. They don't
> understand how Histology works.  I think this is overkill and feel
> that
> just being more careful will be a step in the right direction.  I also
> know there are knife protectors I could look into however what I've
> seen
> limit the space you have to work.
> What are your thoughts out there?  What corrective action would you
> take?
> thanks.
> Marylou Pohl
> VAWNYHealthcare System

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