glycol methacrylate sections

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Would anyone with some fairly extensive GMA (or other plastics) viewing 
experience care to briefly discuss the following?  What is your comfort level 
with being assured of the thickness of the section?  That is, if you are 
looking at a well-processed, well sectioned, well-stained kidney biopsy, how 
confident are you to state that this section is 1.5 microns versus 2.0 
microns thick by microscopic viewing alone.  Note I am not talking about 
cutting one at 1.5 and another at 2.0 and then guessing which might look a 
little thinner.  But what about viewing a single slide and stating with 
confidence that this section is at 1.0 or 1.5 or 2.0 microns?  Where is your 
comfort level for making this assessment?  In addition,  what is your idea of 
slide readability for diagnostic purposes?  If something is requested at 1.0 
to 2.0 microns, is 2.5 microns "too thick" to read?  Obviously this may have 
to do with the specimen and the pathology involved, but how precisely crucial 
do you consider the thickness of the section to within a micron or so of the 
requested value? 


Ray in Seattle

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