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To:Leslie Ratkay <>
Date:Thu, 09 Sep 1999 15:14:04 -0400
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The pathologist that gave the lecture in Philadephia on mummies was Dr.
Micheal Zimmerman.  I arranged that lecture.  Does anyone on the Histonet
know his where abouts.  I lost track.  I know he worked in NY after he left
Hahnemann Hospital.  Find him and we can get the formula.

The solution for rehydrating mummy tissue was one that was kept on hand in
my lab.  We did some mummy work for him and I just can't seem to remember
the name for the formula.  For some reason Russers pops into my head.

Rande Kline HT (ASCP)
Technical Services
EM Science

Leslie Ratkay <> on 09/09/99 02:19:51 PM

Subject:  re:Help!! - Procedure Source

I don't know the Phenol/Glycerin one, but I was using a Formol/Glycerol
reprocessing method (sound pretty much the same)from Laboratory Methods in
Histotechnology Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Ed. EB Prophet, B
Mills, JB
Arrington, LH Sobin,, 1992, page 31; ISBN: 1-881041-00-X). This book also
a reference: Luna LG, ed. Methods for reprocessing dried tissue specimens.
HistoLogic. 1978;8(2):1.
Hope this helps,

>There is a procedure for rehydration/softening of desiccated tissues that
>involves soaking the dry tissue in a Phenol/Glycerin solution, followed by
>long wash in running tap water.  When the tissue has softened and has a
>slight puffiness, it can be reprocessing on a short cycle.

>Many dry, hard, tissues have been salvaged this way.  It was used more
>frequently back in the old Technicon days. (I'm sure that there are some
>us who still remember the basket of tissues hanging in the air overnight -
>It was always such an interesting start to the day).

>I've used it for years, but do not know where it originated.  It was one
>those "goodies" that I picked up throughout the years. No doubt it was
>passed to me by a colleague since my version was hand written.   If there
>are references out there,  I would appreciate the information so I can
>it "properly" for our procedure manual.


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