15 students embedding simultaneously

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From:Gary Radice <gradice@richmond.edu>
Date:Thu, 09 Sep 1999 14:44:32 -0400
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I teach an undergraduate microanatomy class in which the students learn to
make their own preparations of mouse and frog tissues. Because we are not a
production lab we don't have automatic processors. At the moment we don't
use tissue cassettes, either. Rather, I have folks carry their specimens
through the infiltration steps in individual snap cap bottles. This works
OK if one or two people are working but not when all 15-20 students are
working. The main bottleneck is the paraffin oven. Every time someone opens
the door, everyone's specimens congeal.

I'm looking for suggestions to work around this problem. One idea is to
switch to cassettes that can be dunked into larger volumes of wax, which
would be less subject to temperature swings. But then how would I avoid wax
dripped all over the inside of the oven as folks transfer their tissues?

Any suggestions for how to scale up?

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