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From:margaret blount <>
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Date:Mon, 06 Sep 1999 09:16:04 +0100

Hi, Marcia, 
I can't answer your query directly, but do have the details of the original
reference. This may help even if only to quote in reports.

PlP Fixative - A new fixative for Immuno-electron microscopy. 

McClean and Nakane, J.Histochem. Cytochem 22, N0.12, 1077-1083 (1974).

When I used it in a previous job we used to pipette a small amount onto fresh
frozen cryostat sections for 2 minutes, then wash off with PBS prior to
immunostaining (for light microscopy).

I hope this helps.

Margaret Blount
Unilever Research

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Sent:	Friday, September 03, 1999 7:26 PM
Subject:	fixative question for chemistry experts

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone out there's heard of a fixative called PLP.
It contains:
4% paraformaldehyde dissolved in dH2O plus 2 drops of 10M NaOH
sodium m-periodate (NaIO4)
sodium phosphate. I'm not sure of the concentrations, I have a recipe for a
given amount of solution.

My questions are:
Is this approximately the same as dissolving 4% paraformaldehyde in PBS?
What is the difference between this and 10% buffered formalin?

Happy friday and a safe Labor Day holiday to all!

(both in terms of preservation of epitopes for immunostaining)

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