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From:"Gudrun Lang"

we had a demo on this instrument. Our staining protocol was easy set up, it
is a rapid machine. The software was smart, because the stainer always
searches for the fastest way. The only drawback was, that at that time,
there was no coverslipper to be attached to the stainer.

Gudrun Lang
Biomed. Analytikerin
Akh Linz
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Betreff: [Histonet] comments/opinions on Shandon Gemini H & E stainer

Hello everyone-
I wanted to see if anyone was willing to share any opinions, experiences or
assessments of the Shandon Gemini stainer? This instrument is being
considered for purchase by my laboratory. It will be primarily used for
routine H & E staining and some cytology staining. We may only have limited
ability to demo, so I wanted to see if anyone had anything that they might
be willing to share regarding the pros and cons of this instrument. I have
not personally used this instrument or many of its design style- so any
information would be extremely helpful!
Thanks so much!
Joelle Weaver HTL(ASCP)
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