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flame you? Hell, I'm gonna nuke you. Nah, I have to agree with you to a 
point.  Those of us who never or rarely are exposed (no pun intended) to 
prions & such  become lax in routine labs. I'm not even going down he road 
that everything should be handled as infectious. I agree, I mean no one 
should be putting their bare hands into any solution in he lab. I've been in 
this job for 30 years and have went from smoking while coverslipping to 
wearing gloves, gowns, and face shields. I don't have any problems, any 
problems or or tics, tics.
    Ya know, come to think of it, all my kids have 7 toes. I just thought 
that they would be better in math than me.


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I just have to weigh in on behalf of Derek Papalegis.  Although there are no 
major safety risks of handling paraffin embedded sections, prion diseases 
that are still transmittable after formalin fixation and processing being 
the exception, I think it is unfair to say that he, Derek, is in the wrong 
line of work. I can say this because I was Derek's first supervisor and 
trained him from scratch and I can say that he has done very well for 
himself in the past several years since entering the profession (he is 
already the supervisor of a lab with a little over 3 years experience). 
Please don't make assumptions about people posting their opinions or 
responding to a question, it is unfair. For the record I also agree with 
Derek that having your fingers caked in paraffin is not ideal and is a 
little gross and I have seen my fair share of "disgusting" samples working 
with both veterinary and human samples.

In addition I can also say that all technologists in my lab wear gloves 
while sectioning and I don't think it is a problem as long as they are 
educated about the reasons they are wearing PPE and are trained 

I invite Joe to flame me all he wants for my opinion since I started out in 
his Air Force lab a short 11 years ago and still have great respect for him 
and his experience.

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