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on line courses can work if the clinical sites do what they are supposed to 
do. For instance, at my last place of employment, students were cutting 
embedded blocks on day 2. I would process some extra tissue and let the 
students embed and cut. (day 1 was safety, trip around the lab, ect.), by 
week 5, they were cutting 1 slide surgical and doing all the special stains. 
Now, this was for the CC program here in San Antonio, but, my students were 
reporting back to me that their classmates haven't sat down at a microtome. 
So, the moral of the story is that on line programs are only as good as the 
clinical sites. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!


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I know when I was hired by my first job it was for a histology position and
I had just graduated with a biology degree.  I had some frozen sectioning
experience while at school, but most of what I learned was on the job and
they were going to have me take the online course since I was already
cutting.  Now, I'm doing even more cutting at my new job with paraffin and
I'm learning still. But, still no license.  So I am curious to see how these
online courses workout for people.  Maybe I should do one.


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Like a lot of hospitals we have been unable to find qualified applicants for
a histotech position.  We are at least exploring other options.  One of the
options include hiring someone with a biological background and enrolling
them in an on-line histotech training program.  After completion of the
program the applicant would take the certification examination.    There are
a few schools out there that have full time programs but many individuals
are not in a position to take six months off to attend them without
receiving a weekly paycheck.  In addition my experience has been that these
schools only take a small amount of applicants each session.  So with more
positions than students has anyone else come up with a creative way to train
and hire histotechs and any suggestions to on-line programs that have been

Jim Vickroy
Technical Supervisor - Surgical and Autopsy Pathology
Memorial Medical Center

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