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From:"Joe Nocito"

what a bunch of crap! Why do people have to be that way? Now you got me 
I consider myself somewhat intelligent (I know, others don't). I had a 
pathology resident one time just kept telling me how he was a doctor and I 
was "just" a tech. I was active duty Air Force at the time and supervising 
the Air Force's largest histo lab. He was an officer, I was enlisted. One 
day I just got so tired of "Me Doctor, You POS" I got into his face and told 
him that he had opportunities that I didn't have and it doesn't make me less 
intelligent than him. That's the last time I heard he "Me Doctor" speech.
What does this have to do with gloves for microtomy? I have no idea. That's 
why I can't be a teacher or instructor, I go off on tangents like this.

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I got one for you...
When I was doing my PA training I had a sweet(yeah right) pathologist
make me run a necrotic bowel.  I didn't see the point of running the
whole thing, as it was rotten to the core, and putrid.  The bowel twist
was obvious, and the section was obviously cut off from it's blood
supply.  All obvious... obvious... obvious... She was just trying to
make me tuff I guess, so she stood inches away from me so I could feel
her breath on the back of my neck... She looked over my shoulder, and I
think it was because she knew I hated it.  She flipped up her face
shield to gripe about something else right as the bowel slipped from my
fingers. It hit the edge of the table and flicked like a straw full of
your favorite drink... except there was no drink in it.  Instead of me
taking the bullet, I side stepped as it was falling, and she took a face
full of... well, about the nastiest stuff you have even seen or smelled
in your life.  She shut right up and walked out of the room.  She never
looked over my shoulder again.

Chalk one for the PA/HT who does all the work and gets little of the
glory or money.  :)

Have a great weekend fellas!


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story time. When I was in my PA training, I had to cut all the legs. One

(sweet, yeah right) pathologist wanted me to strip the blood vessels all
way down to the ankle. I told her (my mistake) it didn't matter because
the blood vessels were occluded at the surgical margin, the doctors will

most like have to go higher when the surgical incision doesn't heal.
    Well as you can guess, I lost that argument ( that was a no
So, I started clamping off the blood vessels at the surgical margin. One

time as I was stripping the blood vessels. I ran my scalpel across the
vessels and got a mouthful of blood. Yep, tomato soup.
    Luckily, the patient had no infectious diseases (the hospital ran
and I told that pathologist, in front of the medical director if she
to, she can gross legs, but I'm not stripping legs any more.  It's okay,
don't work there any more.

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At the risk of being flamed... No disrespect, but you are in the wrong
line of work my friend.  If you think paraffin embedded tissue is
"nasty", how do you feel about a cystic structure exploding up under
your face mask on autopsy, or a necrotic bowel, or a gangrene
amputation, or... well... a billion other things that make embedded
tissue look like frosted flakes.  This is just my 2 cents too, but the
last of my worries is touching a "nasty" tissue block when cutting.  Do
you wear gloves when putting blocks in the storage containers too... or
when disposing of old blocks?  What is nasty to me is having my hand in
a Nitrile glove for 4-5 hours!


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Although it is not a biohazard risk to cut without gloves on, why would
you want to? When you think about it, it is pretty gross. Although it is

fixed, you are dealing with tissues such as cysts, prostate "chips",
colon biopsies and other nasty tissues. Maybe it a generational thing
but it seems like the newer histotechs would never think of cutting
without gloves on. I know that some people claim they cant cut with
gloves on and that is fine but if why not use gloves if you can. It's
not a bad idea and it also prevents your hands from getting caked in

Just my 2 cents.

Douglas D Deltour wrote:
> This whole thing just burns me. I was fuming over this same thing
> this month. The latest edition of advance magazine has a gloved hand
> someone cutting on the front cover. It also shows another picture of
> cutting with gloves. When these photos get into the wrong hands
> (administrators, safety officers, know-it-alls) then it causes nothing
> problems. I would think that advance magazine would know that these
> are unrealistic.
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