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From:"Bryan Hewlett"

Couldn't have said it better myself!
Amen, Carl.


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Subject: [Histonet] re" Perferred" fixative for animals

> In my opinion, to date, no other such fixing fluid exists......OK, I
> tried any of the commercial preps but if they were superior to formalin
> we'd all be using it/them. I've gone thro' the range of standard fixing
> fluids and also such as "Perfix" and "Sera's" fluid. None of them are
> superior to Formalin regarding their preservation of antigenicity/ their
> capacity for antigen retrieval. Some are equal for particular antigens eg
> Perfix -fixed mouse tissue will demonstrate phosphoHistones beautifully
> not any other Ag that I'm interested in, but  formalin - fixed tissue will
> also demonstrate them, after AR; it  will also allow for the demonstration
> of many, many other Ags in the same block. This applies to mouse, rat,
> dogfish, trout, fruitfly and chick, in my experience.
> Why, may I ask, do you not wish to use Formalin/paraformaldehyde?
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