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From:Cathy Gorrie

>Dear Baowei,

You will need some sort of water based mountant (available from all 
the IHC companies). Then you coverslip directly from water. The 
slides don't need to be dehydrated through alcohol or cleared in 

cheers, Cath
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>hi, all histoneters,
>We can use ethanol to dehydrate and xylene to clear slides if we 
>used DAB as substrate in IHC. Since AEC is organically soluble, we 
>can not use these reagents.
>I am wondering what reagents we should use and should we dehydrate 
>and clear AEC substrate slides?
>Baowei Peng
>Shanghai JiaoTong University,
>台湾第一富婆身价逾百亿 第=D2桓煌砑哿
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