[Histonet] Tissue Arrays and the Block Warmer

From:"Thom Jensen"

I have received several emails from people saying that Beecher Instruments the Tissue Arrayer Instrument Company has been claiming that the block warmer does not work with .6mm needles.  This is a false claim.  I published an article in The Journal of Histotechnology / Vol. 26, No. 2 / June 2003  Tissue Microarray: Advanced Techniques that explains how the warmer (I call it The Punch Assist) works better than constructing an array using a room temperature recipient block (blank array block).  I have tried to talk with Beecher Instruments about the block warmer a year ago.  But they would not return my emails.  Maybe they feel I am a threat.  The warmer makes creating arrays so much easer.  It reduces paraffin build-up and the surface of the array block is flat.  And because the block warmer warms the block through the entire punching process the oven step is eliminated.  I just press a hot slide to the block surface to make the surface smooth and clean.  I do not sell the warmer, but in the article I discuss it in depth so a hospital engineer can build one for you.  It is a simple instrument.  I even produced a video on how arrays are created using the warmer so array technicians can begin using it right away with minimal testing and training.  That is why I felt a need to publish this article.  I have been creating arrays using the warmer for over 1 1/2 years.  I have made dozens of arrays and punched 1000's of cores using the warmer.  And most have been with the .6mm needle.  I will not make an array without it no matter what size needle I use.  If anyone has questions about the warmer email or call me please don't call Beecher Instruments. 
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