RE: Varistain Gemini Thermo Shandon

From:"Salcedo, Rudy"

Hello! Joe,

I have experience with severely stainers including the artisan,
ThermoShandon(Gemini) and Leica stainer  which are all very good. I am in a
lab now that is all ThermoShandon. I personally like ThermoShandon equipment
and would Highly recommend the Gemini.   

Rudy Salcedo
Histology Tech
UTMB-Galveston, Texas
Sealy Center for environmental Health & Medicine
Research Histopathology Core Lab

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		Sent:	Friday, September 20, 2002 6:32 AM
		Subject:	Varistain Gemini  Thermo Shandon

		Someone with experience in the use of automatic slide
stainer Varistain
		Gemini of Thermo Shandon?. Thank you.

		José Manuel Suárez de la Grana
		A.T.S de Anatomía Patológica
		C.H. "A. Marcide"
		15406-El Ferrol-La Coruña-España

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