Re: wanted: disposable knife holder for Histostat 975C cryostat

From:Jon Moody

> Check with used equipment dealers, or possibly Leica to see if
someone has
> this 820 holder stashed in a closet, drawer. We use this disposable
> in same 975C Histostat without problems.  BE sure to get a good
> comfortable, adjustable height chair when working at this unit, you
have a
> long reach to that flywheel! and keep it well lubricated between or
> each cutting session.  

It's a remarkably consistent collection of bad design decisions; maybe
explains why it was never used.

> I think I was the one who recommended it.  Let me see what I have
> in my clo set, may have an extra floating around. 


> When you get the holder, take that side arm monster and toss it into
> garbage, that is what we did, no extra junk in drawer, a horrific
device if
> there ever was one!! 
> What in the world is a physics de partment doing with this old
> are you doing tissues these days? 

Someone in biology dept retired and they wanted to get rid of it; we
are sectioning little osteochondral (bone/cartilage) specimens that we
also look at with transmitted polarized light microscopy and
microscopic MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).  

Jon Moody

> At 03:50 PM 9/10/02 -0400, you wrote:
> >Having obtained a Histostat 975C crystat which is in beautiful
> >condition (never used, we're told), we're looking for a disp osable
> >knife holder to replace the wretched side-clamping knife holder it
> >came with; I noticed in the list archives that someone recommended
> >using an AO 820 disposable knife holder.  
> >
> >Does anyone know of a source for such parts?  Is anyone else
> >successfully using this cryostat model with some other disposable
> >knife solution?
> >
> >Thanks in advance.
> >Jon Moody
> >Physics Dept.
> >Oakland University#005#
> >
> >
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