Anesthetic for mouse blood and lung perfusion

From:Gayle Callis

>Dear Susan,
>Glad to hear trachea "nicking" technique worked.
>Sodium pentathol (hope I spelled that correctly) anesthetize to put animal
under,  open chest area,  collect blood with heart stick (effectivly
euthanizes mouse), nick trachea,  then perfuse with fixative OR OCT for
fresh frozen sections.  I do not know what dosage is, but your animal
people can help you there.  The heart still beats normally after sodium
pentathol, might be worth a try. 
>As for needles, saw the feeding needles, have used oral gavage, but
getting the right size tip on these is not easy, we opted for cheap seats,
and dulled 18 guage needle.   Feeding needles are plastic, correct? If so,
nice for less damage to tissue while inserting, glad there are other
options for this.  
>Nice to hear you are happy, --- on a Monday morning! 
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