Problems with Processed specimens

From:David Muskett

Dear Histonetters
I am writing to ask for some advice.
We have suddenly started having problems with our processing. The blocks have become much more difficult to cut. The amount of nuclear detail is very poor. The nuclei show no chromatin detail and have a ground glass appearance. The staining is awful and far too red.
I think the problem relates to the processor, there seems to be some peculiar blobs in the wax. I think these may be xylene and alcohol.
There is some suggestion within the department that the problem may be due to a bad batch of fixative. We are using bought in filled specimen pots from TBS in the UK. Has anybody in the UK experienced problems with pre-filled buffered formal saline specimen pots from TBS.
Does anybody have any answers?
I can send photos to anybody who can offer help.
Thanks in advance
David Muskett
Alder Hey Children's Hospital
Liverpool, UK

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