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From:Greg Dobbin

I like Louise Renton's suggestion, and would try that first. But there 
is another neat little trick I use sometimes when I am having trouble 
getting any section to lay flat and adhere properly; as soon as I 
have picked the section up off the waterbath, I lay the slide (section 
up) in between a filter paper (folded in half) and wetted with water, 
and carefully roll the section flat using a glass specimen jar (the one 
I use is similar to what you would use to store preserved parasite 
samples in). Obviously take care to apply even pressure and be 
careful not to twist the jar and cause damage to your section. I try 
not to reuse the same place on filter paper from one section to the 
next. (If I wasn't clear enough in my description, let me know and I'll 
try again!) Good luck.

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> I am cutting pig shouts...really I am.  I am having problems with part of
> the internal structures lying nicely flat on the slide and others attached
> around it forming wrinckles and tiny folds.
> Any advice?
> Trisha
> U of Washington, Seattle

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