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From:"Auld, John"

	Dear Anila

	Peter Jackson at Leeds General Infirmary, sorry don't have the tel
No or other details handy, runs courses on IHC and and other aspects of
	The ICC neqas scheme also run courses with Westminster University,
but you've missed these for this year. 
	another possibility would be to try your local hospital histology
dept, if you don't work in a hospital. We sometimes have people in to teach
them immuno. I'm sure 	other hospitals do this as well.

	Good luck 

	John Auld
	Dept of Histopathology
	Royal Free Hospital 

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> Subject: Histology courses
> Dear All,
> One of our DPhil students would like to enquire whether there are any UK
> courses or general histology courses running next year?
> Many Thanks,
> Anila

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