From:"J. Foote"


I have been asked to prepare and stain the grey matter of 4 mm slices of 
brain for macroscopic study in a neuroscience course that will be taught 
this semester.  The method I have is a variation on a Mulligan stain that 
was published by Roberts and Hanaway in Stain Technology 44(3).  This 
method has been used for the last thirty years with good results, but the 
down side of the procedure is the production of strong vapors.  The method 
requires CuSO4-phenol mixture followed by quick wash in potassium 
ferrocyanide.  I have been told even with full safety measures taken (i.e.. 
use of gowns, respirators, double layer of gloves and the use of fume 
hoods) it is still an unpleasant procedure. So, I was wondering does anyone 
on this list have any experience staining whole brain slices and if they 
do, can they suggest other methods that might not be as unpleasant.  I look 
forward to any suggestions you might have.

J. Foote

J. Foote
Histology Unit
Medical School Laboratories
Faculty of Medicine
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, Newfoundland

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