Re: Nerve Growth Factor Receptor

From:"L. Gibbs" <>

Hi Jennifer-

I have used P75 antibodies frequently over the past 15
years. (One of our researchers prepared the original clone for
I usually use monoclonal but this applies to polyclonals as well:
P75 results are excellent with methcarn/paraffin embedded
sections. If you must use formalin-fixed specimens, you should
still get good results with pronase or the other antigen
retrieval methods. I have used various P75 antibodies in the
1-5ug/ml range, usually overnight at rt or 2hrs rt, followed by
overnight at 4C.

Good luck!

Lorraine Gibbs
Physiology & Biophysics

On Mon, 25 Sep 2000, Philopena, Jennifer wrote:

> This past NSH conference was my very first.  I learned so so much, enjoyed
> all of the workshops that I attended, and it was great to finally match so
> many names with faces.   And the freebies at the vendor show weren't bad
> either.  I was very surprised, however, that there were so few posters.  But
> thank you all for making it so worth the trip.
> Back to work...
> Have any of you labeled Nerve Growth Factor Receptor p75?  I'm using a
> polyclonal from Chemicon, and I've tried proteinase and HIER pre-treatments
> in FFPR tissue.  Thanks for any tips.   Jen
> Jennifer M. Philopena
> Scientist 1
> Canji, Inc.
> 3525 John Hopkins Court
> San Diego, CA 92121

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