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Hi JoAnn,
I realize that the virus is just the instigator and the secondary 
bacteria are the real villains, but if a herd was not properly 
vaccinated (with the triangle (??) vaccine for PI3, BRSV, and is it 
BVD?,) and you determine there was an underlying , primary 
infection of PI3; would it not be useful information for deciding to 
vaccinate? Most US-Canadian farmers would be up to snuff with 
vaccinations, but I am working with a colleague in Northern Mexico 
as he attempts to set up an IHC diagnostic service for his area.
I appreciate your input, I am not a Veterinarian, but I worked for 9 
years in a vet virology lab here at AVC. Cheers! Greg

> Greg.
> There were and probably still are antibodies available for boving PI3 IHC.  
> However, PI3 IHC was often unrealible and not diagnostic because that virus 
> showed up in a lot of cases of pneumonia but without the typical lesions.  In 
> cattle, several viruses will cause subclinical pneumonia but it is the 
> secondary bacterial pneumonias that are of economic significance.  A lot of 
> cattle will also be sero-positive for PI3 and be perfectly fine.  The lab at 
> WCVM used to do IHC for PI3 so you could contact them if you are still 
> interested...JoAnn (WCVM '80)
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