MOHS technique documentation

Sue Becker HTL in Albany NY suggests the need for more published information 
on histologic support of Mohs surgery.

I certainly agree, and would be happy to help with a Web site any way I 
could. I think a pamphlet published under the auspices of NSH might achieve 
dissemination to the people who need it - remembering how hard it is for 
clinical laboratory people to get books these days. Web access is also 
extremely limited for such workers, but a nice clear Web site would be a good 
idea anyway. Keep it simple so people can print it from the Web!

Some of you may recall my recent acrimonious account of my attempts to 
provide frozen section support for a Mohs surgeon. On the basis of that 
experience, I'd suggest that publications include a clear account of what 
equipment, supplies, and facilities are necessary to support Mohs surgery.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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