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I have been using the Leica coverslipper since 1997. I use Cytoseal 100
(xylene substitute mounting medium) for coverslipping media and Microclear
CS as the clearant the sldies are in prior to coverslipping.  I do let the
slides drain a little prior to placing on coverslipper. I very rarely have
problems with bubbles. Slides (especailly cytology) come out fine. Hope this
Sue O'Brien, Hiwtology Supervisor
Burdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital
Cape May Court House, NJ  08210
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	I am also having tons of bubbles with the Leica coverslipper and
have been 
	trying to resolve this issue for months.   Once in a while we get a
rack of 
	slides free of bubbles, but most of the time we need to recoverslip
a great 
	deal of slides.  Any ideas?

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