Re: Leica coverslipper

From:Barbara Wright <>

Are you using superslip coverslips?  We have run into a similar situation
here.  What looks like bubbles under the scope are actually little beads that
are on the coverslip to keep them from sticking to the next - which makes them
superslip.  We contacted the vendors and have found a superslip coverslip
without these beads. - VWR Selected Micro Cover Glasses 24x50mm No.#1  D.
Barb:) wrote:

> I am also having tons of bubbles with the Leica coverslipper and have been
> trying to resolve this issue for months.   Once in a while we get a rack of
> slides free of bubbles, but most of the time we need to recoverslip a great
> deal of slides.  Any ideas?

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