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This is not an ego trip at all, this is just good sense.  I have done work
for several people outside of my facility who have published papers using
my work and they have very kindly included me in their papers, BUT, they
didn't do this freely... I asked them to please acknowledge me in their
work.  To illustrate why it is important to do this...

My husband, who does EM work,  used to work at Yerkes Primate Center in
Atlanta GA.  The Robert Gallo gang from the CDC came to him with a new and
unusual virus to do SEM on... turned out to be the AIDS virus.  They used
my husband's work on the cover of Time magazine , Discover Magazine, on the
news, everywhere.  He was never given any credit for this... it all went to
CDC and Robert Gallo.

Don't be afraid to politely tell them to acknowledge you for the work you
have done in their publications.  I also think it's a good idea to follow
Tim's advice, make them sign a document to give you the proper credit if
they use your work.  In fact, I'm going to discuss this with my boss to see
if we can't make this a policy in my lab.

Connie M

Dianne Holmes wrote:

> when doing special stains for other labs, is there a way to "autograph"
>my slides to prevent researchers from taking credit for  MY work?
>Presentation  photos could be taken without the "autograph" showing but it
>would always be on the original slide.   This probably  sounds like an ego
>trip but I do good work and when I do something above and beyond my job
>description, I  would like at least a greatful acknowledgement.  Does
>anyone else feel this way  and if so how can it be remedied?    DEH
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