Re: Best of the Histonet book list (bw) (by way of histonet)

Good idea -
I'm sure all the great basic books  will
be listed by others , may I recommend a
book for our future.

This summer my daughters and I , although thousands of  miles apart, and
one a teacher, one a librarian (and I
a histologist) all were reading the same book at the same time  - has
happened before.
It is because -no matter our profession-
we need an understanding of what is
happening  so very swiftly in science.

The book-Genome :The  Autobiography
of a Species in 23 Chapters by
Matt Ridley,1999, Harper Collins and
also published in Great Britain by Fourth

A very complex subject -and worthwhile
start for anyone (. .who finished school
before  yesterday)

Best regards and luck on your book hunt-
Barbara Webb HTL(ASCP)
on the beautiful Eastern Shore
of Maryland

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