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I have had problems with Vendors and false claims about equipment
performance and satisfied customers who really were not satisfied customers.

The Histonet can serve as a big brother checking system and it's intent
should not be shaped by users who are just satisfied by
demos and free stuff at conventions. If you have a valid complaint about a
vendor this is an excellent forum to alert other labs from making the same

Felton L. Nails
Anatomical Pathology Manager
Texas Children's Hosp.

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> Histonet is NOT the place to air gritches about companies, DO IT
> privately!
>  Inquiries are fair game, but not in a "let's bash the company, their
> services, ect" mode.  If you have a "gritch" about equipment, product, or
> company - call them directly and not bore us witless with commentary that
> wastes the time of satisfied customers, or even less satisfied customers
> who go through the proper channels in dealing with a company.
> Companies courteously provide us with equipment demos and other things
> free
> of charge, so cut them some leeway and pick up a phone, taking Histonet
> out
> of the loop. We could ALL improve our services - technical or otherwise-
> even in our own labs.
> Remember Thumper in the Disney movie, Bambi, "If you can't say something
> nice, then don't say nothin' at all!"
> There is such a thing as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.
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