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Your chances are quite good of running your car on almost any blend of
organic solvents.  You may need to retune the engine a little, and, of
course, make a declaration to the appropriate authority (?Customs & Excise)
that you are doing it, and give them the precise quantities that you use so
they can tax you :-(.
If you had a Land-Rover, they will run on anything.  When I lived in
England, it was rumored that the rozzers would turn up to NFU meetings,
scoop samples from the petrol tanks, and regularly find that more than half
of them were running (illegally) on (duty-free) paraffin.
Good luck.
Adrian Leek.

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From: Richard Pitman []
Sent: Wednesday, September 13, 2000 11:24 AM
Subject: UK Fuel crisis

The petrol (gas) stations have run dry in Britain, due to industrial action.
We'd be grateful if you Statesiders could e-mail us a few gallons of virtual
petrol !

Failing that, I have plenty of xylol here, also ethanol. Plus a few litres
of methanol, toluene, acetone, and perhaps even some benzene. What are the
chances that my CB600F would run on a blend of this stuff ?     ;-)


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