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I agree.  One advantage in changing to an Associates degree is that
community colleges can justify a histotechnology program.  In the long run,
we should be able to have more schools.

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> I agree that the quality of training is critical whether we are talking
> about an HT or a MD.  That is the reason that the certification exams
> exist to sort out those whose training does not qualify them for
> certification.
> The best course of action is the establishment of accreditited schools of
> Histology.  The process of accreditation through NAACLS (National
> Accredting Agency for the Clinical Laboratory Sciences) through a peer
> review process includng site visits  assures that the level of training
> that is being provided meets established essentials.  The course
> curriculum must meet established standards and meet the competencies set
> forth by the profession.
> Again the emphasis is on new technicians entering the field not those who
> are already in the field and who may have been trained when more time was
> available.  Times have changed and most laboratories do not have the time
> to train and educate new people except for the bare minimum that is needed
> for their particular hospital.  That approach short-changes the technician
> who may not be qualified to work anywhere else.
> A system is perfect but the certification and accreditation process is the
> best approach to provide qualified trained HTs and HTLs.

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