Fwd: UK Fuel crisis

From:Philip Oshel <peoshel@facstaff.wisc.edu> (by way of histonet)

Well, race cars run on alcohol, mostly methanol, so why not try it?
8-) Notice, I don't do this ... good way to burn up an engine.
Otherwise, the whole of histonet could go on a bean diet and waft
some gas your way. But Russ in Wales would probably hog it all ...


>The petrol (gas) stations have run dry in Britain, due to industrial
>action.  We'd be grateful if you Statesiders could e-mail us a few
>gallons of virtual petrol !
>Failing that, I have plenty of xylol here, also ethanol. Plus a few
>litres of methanol, toluene, acetone, and perhaps even some benzene.
>What are the chances that my CB600F would run on a blend of this
>stuff ?     ;-)
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