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Date: Tuesday, September 12, 2000 6:50 AM
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>I read Tim and Shirley's emails with interest.  When I was a freshman in
>college in 1974, my advisor realized I had a great interest in science but
>was not interested in becoming a nurse or a doctor.  After describing many
>of the lab sciences I went and toured a hospital and fell in love with
>histology.  At that time there were quite a few very good 12 month programs
>that required a high school education only.  On the advice of my advisor, I
>left college and enrolled in the histology program that was offered at that
>time at Georgia Baptist Medical Center here in Atlanta. I passed my
>and thought I was set.
>Unlike Shirley, I was not eligible for the HTL exam because of my lack of
>degree, but like Shirley I have gone back to school over the years.  I have
>senior status but have an incredibly difficult time getting the necessary
>courses to graduate because they must be offered at night when I am able to
>attend.  It has been a terrible struggle and I regret taking the advice to
>leave school and go directly into the HT program.
>When I was at GBMC, however, there was also a MT program and it did require
>a degree to attend.  It also had a rotation in the histology lab and many
>found they had a desire to continue in our program after they completed the
>MT program.  I thought all MT programs required a rotation in histology.
>Like Tim, I think that would be a great help.
>I, to, have seen those with degrees doing much of the same work I do in my
>lab, pass me by on the salary scale due to my lack of a degree.  I regret
>choice daily.  I strongly advise everyone who can to complete their degree.
>Jeanine Bartlett
>Centers for Disease Control
>Atlanta, GA

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