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Date: Tuesday, September 12, 2000 7:46 AM
Subject: RE: frozen section cpt codes

>Hi Kathy,
>This seems to confuse many people.  For each specimen, the first frozen
>block is coded 88331.  Then if any additional blocks from the same specimen
>are frozen, each gets an 88332.  You are correct with the scenario you
>describe below.  The uterus would get an 88331 and 88332 and the ovary
>be coded an 88331.
>Hope this helps!
>Cheryl George, BS, HT (ASCP)
>Histology/Cytology Supervisor
>Manchester, NH
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>> Subject: frozen section cpt codes
>> Hello All,
>> Just a quick question for all of you, how do you use the codes for
>> frozen sections? Is it always one frozen section, then the rest are
>> additional frozen sections.  Or do you do it like say you received 2
>> containers, one uterus and one ovary. There were 2 frozens on the uterus
>> and one done on the ovary. Are there now 2 frozen sections, then one
>> additional frozen?  We have two opposing views in the lab, so we would
>> like to see how every one else does it! Thanks!! Kathy

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