histotech shortage

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From:Kathy Gorham <kathyg@eoni.com> (by way of histonet)
Date:Mon, 31 Jan 2000 22:47:30 -0500
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It's been very enlighting reading all the scoop on the histonet, I'm not
much for answering back because so many out there have more experience than
I do eventhough I"ve been a histotech for 31 years.  I work in a small
hospital and do mostly routine histology.  But keep up the good work on the
net, its really helpful for us out in the sticks. The talk about HT
shortage came at a excellent time because I'm trying to convince the
administration that 1. I need more help and 2. That I need a salary
increase.  So thanks so much for the input.  But last week I sent out a
survey to see what ratio of tech's and aides to work load you have and what
are they responsible for but have not received anything back. Was it on the
net? I know many of you are returning from Providence and haven't had much
time to catch up but I need to turn this in to the budget committee soon.
Thanks so much for your help in more ways than you know.

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