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From:Sarah Christo <>,
Date:Thu, 14 Oct 1999 07:43:59 -0500
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Dear Sandy,
   I agree.  I always wondered if a coffee pot would work.  I have two ancient pots and wonder what I will do when they kick the bucket.    
    Don't know if I will unsubscribe or not, (I probably will) but if I find a cyber cafe in Providence, I'll email yall.  I see it is going to be cold and rainy the first part of the week so us GRITS (gals raised in the South) will be freezing our keesters off.  Packing my warm duds.   We are still in the 90's here in drought stricken Texas.   Sarah

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     Are paraffin dispensors REALLY that expensive?  ($1,700 catalog)  I mean come on, there must be some cheaper (used?) altenatives out there.
    We are currently using multiple pitchers in the oven which I find messy, time-consuming and dangerous...  but $1,700??
                 Thanks, Sandosis

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