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Yes, I have spent many hours, while I was in Saudi Arabia, with my
Aussie and Kiwi freinds watching and trying to see the pint, I mean
point, of the game. I guess we Yanks just don't have the attention span
to watch games that last, at minimum, a whole day, let alone a test
match of several days (261 for 2 in the first innings, 153 not out.
huh?). Here people are actually trying to keep baseball games under
three hours in order not to lose fans! Not enough beer sold I guess!

Ferret-legging is something thought up by old time US westerners to
amuse themselves. They weren't too smart, and got too drunk on red-eye
to play an actual game!

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Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 10:00:26 +1200
From: Ken Turner <>
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As much as I like to see the Aussies `get it' - purely from a sporting
angle that is - I really don't think England is equipped technically to
the job. Being an ex-pat myself (Londoner) I believe the ASHES belong at
the Home of cricket - LORDS. However, the Ashes will, unfortunately,
down under for some time yet.

As far as Tims comment goes - I wouldn't expect our American cousins to
understand the intricacy of such a gentlemans game as cricket. In much
same way that we fail to understand American Football.

Cindy...forgive my Antipodean naivety, but what is `Ferret-Legging'?



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